Meeting The Needs Of Your Precious Baby

We create a loving, safe, fun and quality early learning environment

Meeting The Needs Of
Your Precious Baby

We create a loving, safe, fun and quality early learning environment

Infants Program | 12 months - 17 months | Serving Hawthorne, CA

safe surroundings

Safe Surroundings For Your Little One To Explore

Because safety is a top priority, all rooms are equipped with cameras, and all points of entry require key access. Our outdoor spaces are fenced-in and fenced high to limit visibility. Our staff is highly trained so that the safety of your precious little one comes first and foremost, at all times, while in our care.

Warm And Welcoming

A Warm And Welcoming Environment That's Tidy

Orderly spaces help your baby feel more secure, and become more important as your baby moves into the toddler years. Toys and books have dedicated places in every fresh, bright room. The comfort your child gets from their cozy surroundings, with everything in its place, will bring a smile to your face.

Connect Easily

Connect Easily With a Parent Communication App

Forgot to ask us a question or fill us in on something? Our smartphone app allows for easy parent-teacher communication, wherever you are, whenever you need it. Expect daily updates on diaper changes, nap times and more, so that we can seamlessly coordinate.

Warm & Loving Teachers

Warm, Loving, Responsive Teachers Encourage Communication

It’s no secret learning language depends on human exchanges. We know that babbles, hand gestures, and facial expressions are all part of your baby’s communication. Our responsive teachers consistently answer their cues, give plenty of personal attention, and encourage these first attempts at learning conversation.

Healthy Food

Organic and Healthy Food At No Extra Cost

From picky eaters to easygoing gourmands, our daily menus are made of age-appropriate and varied organic foods. Meals are made fresh, never canned, and prepared on site at no extra cost to you. Chicken with rice, vegetable and fruit for dessert is a favorite. Scratch healthy meal preparation off your weekly to-do list!

cuddles & movement

Cuddles, Movement, And Sleep Make Your Baby Happy

Your baby thrives when they feel loved, have the space to move around, and get the much needed rest they need to grow. Under the care of our kind and loving staff, they’ll have ample room to explore, crawl, and eventually walk, in between the all-important nap and feeding times.

Good Habits

Babies learn Essential Life and good habits daily

Your baby learns and practices healthy habits like hand-washing, how to take off and put on clothes independently, push their chairs back when not in use, and to put items back in their place. In the spirit of cooperation, they also help their buddies do the same, so that there are always opportunities to learn and to help.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play for Daily Doses of Sun And Sky

Safe and fun outdoor areas create opportunities to play with new friends, exercise developing muscles and challenge new breadth of movement. Fresh air uplifts spirits and time spent outside supports your baby’s health, happiness, growth, and development.

music and art

Daily Music And Art Create Opportunities For Learning

The texture and colors of paint, handling a brush, and creating art are excellent avenues to developing new movements, new words, and refining essential motor skills.  We use music to reinforce positive messages and expand your baby’s budding vocabulary. Of course, we encourage your little one to get dancing to the beat!


Babies have introduction To Brain-Boosting Bilingualism

Bilingual children develop considerable skills such as switching attention quickly and better memory. English and Spanish language and reading are a part of your child’s daily curriculum. Their teacher sings Spanish songs at circle time and speaks to them in both English and Spanish. Not only does this boost brain function, but speaking a second language opens doors to extra opportunities in life that those who aren’t fluent in more than one language may miss out on.

parent reviews

"I really like that they keep me updated throughout the day"

My son (9 months old) has been coming to Humble Hearts Academy for about 3 weeks now, he has adjusted quite well. I really like that they keep me updated throughout the day on all his activities from eating, napping, diaper changes to classroom interactions. The use of the app Brightwheel is very reassuring knowing my son is well taken care of throughout the day and they are very prompt with responding to any questions/concerns I may have.

- Sheyenne G.

"The staff are all nice and friendly."

I brought my 15 month old daughter to Humble Hearts Academy and it was a great experience. It was my daughter’s first time at a daycare facility. The staff are all nice and friendly. The facilities are clean and there are many activities for the kids to enjoy. Also, I got updates on how my daughter was doing all day. When she napped, ate, and any wet diapers. I found this to be very reassuring. It is a nice place for you kids to learn, play, and interact with children who are around the same age. I recommend Humble Hearts Academy to all parents.

- Valencia A.

"Our children are so excited whenever we get there and LOVE their teachers"

Amazing child care and super friendly and knowledgeable staff! Our children are so excited whenever we get there and LOVE their teachers. An app also lets us know whenever they get diaper changes, eat and drink, and shows us pictures of the fun learning activities they do that day. Couldn’t recommend this daycare/preschool more highly.

- Jennifer R.