Your Child Is Ready For Kindergarten With All the skills they need

We lay the foundation of their future educational success and healthy social-emotional development

Your Child Is Ready For Kindergarten With All the skills they need

We lay the foundation of their future educational success and healthy social-emotional development

Preschool Program | 3 - 5 years | Serving Hawthorne, CA

safe haven

A Safe Haven For Your Child To soar

Your child’s safety and security is our top priority, which is why we have restricted access, cameras in every room, and fences around our outdoor play areas shield children from the public. Our vigilant, consistent, and trusted staff make Humble Hearts Academy a safe haven for your child.

Social-Emotional Skills

A focus on Essential Social-Emotional Skills

Your child learns good school habits like taking their turn to speak, how to actively listen, a respect for physical boundaries, how to share toys, shake hands and more. Your child not only practices exemplary behavior that will benefit them inside and out of school, they also share in the simple joys of making lasting friendships and treating each other kindly.


Play-Based Creative Curriculum© makes learning fun

Children learn best when they have the safety and freedom to explore their world, make observations, and ask questions. Our play-based Creative Curriculum©
ensures early literacy and math skills, which we nest into a variety of fun-filled daily activities.

Music, Arts, and Crafts

Encouraging New Skills with Music, Arts, and Crafts

Keeping time with a song exercises self-regulation, memory, and pre-math skills. Playing an instrument helps develop gross motor skills, and doing it together helps build teamwork too. Arts and crafts, like modeling playdough or threading beads, help develop fine motor skills, attention, and focus, all of which are crucial skills required for school.

Qualified Teachers

Qualified Teachers Give Your Child Attention and Guidance

Children at this stage are better able to express themselves and act independently. While we give your child the room to grow, we also provide them with the personal attention and guidance that helps them take the next natural step in their learning. With gentle guidance, we lay the foundation for your child to become a lifelong, confident, and capable learner.

confidence and Leadership

children help eachother Build Confidence and Leadership

A mixed-age classes aren’t without intention: mixed-age learning opportunities create a family of learners. Your child learns to support and care for others, and naturally becomes a helpful mentor and leader within our community.

Nutritious Meals

Nutritious Meals Provided For You, At No Extra Cost

Prepared on-site, every well-rounded meal includes fresh fruits and veggies, favoring organic when possible. We avoid any extra added sugars and use zero food dyes. Have specific diet needs? Just let us know. We’re happy to accomodate.

Potty Training

Helping Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten With Potty Training

On their own, little ones will know how to ask to use the facilities, undress, use the toilet, wipe, pull clothes back on, and wash their hands. This kind of help with potty training helps your child by fully preparing them for what’s expected of them in Kindergarten.


Supporting Parents With Access To Two-Way Communication

Thanks to our free parent communication app, you’ll receive daily updates on what your little one is building, climbing, or painting. You’ll be able to see current lesson plans so you can expand on what your child is learning at home. Likewise, we invite parents to send us any updates or questions as they come up.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play Is A Part Of Your Child’s Day-To-Day

Plenty of fresh air and rigorous yet safe outdoor play enhances brain structure, relieves tension, promotes exercise, builds resilience, encourages social behavior, and brings joy. That’s why we get outside twice a day, everyday.

parent reviews

"they provide a loving environment "

Our son attended Humble Hearts Academy from the time he was 9 months. He loved all of his teachers and they all helped to provide him with a great foundation for Kindergarten. We selected Humble Hearts Academy because they provide a loving environment and a fabulous facility.

- Christian L.

"I love the app they use to inform you of your child's day"

Amazing and caring staff! My children love it. They’ve learned so much in such little time. I love the app they use to inform you of your child’s day, it definitely makes things easier for everyone. Thanks for all that you do for us!

- Noemi G.

"Our kids absolutely adore the teachers here"

They have proven themselves to be a dedicated, professional team who provide not only fun and engaging curriculum to our kiddos, but a safe and loving environment for them as well. Our kids absolutely adore the teachers here, as do my wife and I. If you and your little one(s) are ready for preschool, I encourage you to check out Humble Hearts Academy, you will NOT be sorry!!

- Manuel G.