Lovingly Encouraging Your Toddler's Independence

With our fun-filled, creative and thoughtful curriculum and all the everyday teachable moments

Lovingly Encouraging Your Toddlers’ s Independence

With our fun-filled, creative and thoughtful curriculum and all the everyday teachable moments

Toddlers Program | 18 - 36 months | Serving Hawthorne, CA


Knowledge Nested In Play Creates Great Minds

Toddlers are inspired to play dress-up, build with blocks, sort colors, shapes and sounds. That’s why our dedicated staff use play as the basis for introducing numbers and math concepts, words and literacy, movement, and motor skills in a fun way. Your child explores books and is read to every day, as this is the basis of education.


precautions show that Your Child’s Safety is Paramount

Teachers take every precaution and value your child’s safety above all else. Classrooms equipped with cameras and key access only to the building ensure your child’s safety. Our outdoor play areas are fenced-in and private from the public, as an extra security measure.


Teaching Empathy, Caring, and Building Strong Friendships

Let’s face it, at this stage, sometimes emotions can overwhelm your child. Our knowledgeable teachers know how to redirect, calm, and talk it through. Your child can feel heard, understood, and soothed. They learn kindness and compassion, and are encouraged to extend the same care and empathy towards their classmates and friends.


Nutrition-Packed Meals Fuel Movement & Early Learning

Organic when possible, our daily meals include foods rich in vitamins and proteins necessary to build growing muscles and minds, minus dyes, added sugars, and salt. Because our meals are prepared in-house, we’re equipped to answer any unique allergy or food sensitivities. Just let us know!

life skills

Teachers give children a Head Start On Life Skills

Our patient staff will guide your toddler into acquiring skills like putting things back in their place, pulling their pants up and down independently when potty training, throwing away their own waste after snacks and meals, and washing their hands to prevent illness. Kids love partaking in new chores and responsibilities, which are taught at their own pace, both one-on-one and in a group setting.

Potty Training

solid Potty Training supports your home-life

The transition to potty training can be a bumpy road, but our dedicated staff will be there every step of the way. We help both you and your child navigate this milestone, from communicating their need “to potty,” to explaining and practicing clothing removal, and hygiene. We gently and expertly motivate and guide your child towards success.


Seamless Two-way Communication With THe Brightwheel© App

Receive daily updates and information about your little one’s day, thanks to our free smartphone app. Have a question or concern? Just message us. You’ll love the simplicity and ease of this invaluable, instant, two-way communication tool.


Painting And Music Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Grasping a paintbrush and modeling playdough exercise fine motor skills and self-regulation, as your child learns to express themselves through these mediums. Music exposes them to pre-math skills like counting and keeping a beat. Our expert teachers take every opportunity to approach academics in a fun and exciting way.

outdoor play

daily Outdoor Play promotes Health and Happiness

Play is powerful. It’s an opportunity to make new friends, solve disputes with words, and focus on tasks without a defined end goal. Free play outside allows your child to learn new social skills while exercising growing muscles.

parent reviews

"Humble Hearts is dedicated to my son’s learning and well being. "

I enjoy bringing my son here. I know there is a caring staff. The director is always attentive to my needs and always has answers to my questions. My little one is learning here. He learned the letter R one day and has been saying it ever since! Humble Hearts is dedicated to my son’s learning and well being.

- Luna U.

"The academy has the most gentle , caring , educated staff"

Humble Hearts Academy has been by far the best decision I’ve made in my life , I looked everywhere for a daycare for my daughter , and in this real world we live in , with the crime we see and hear every day . The academy has the most gentle , caring , educated staff . My daughter loves being there the glow in her eyes when she sees her teacher. My wife and I feel so secure and highly recommend Humble Hearts Academy.

- Oscar H.

"She learned so much there"

Humble hearts is a great daycare/ preschool my girls went there … my youngest was there from 2-5 and when I say she wasn’t ready to leave … she wasn’t!!! She learned so much there great staff meals snacks outings just an overall GREAT place for kids …. they work with infants and toddlers trust me you & the kids will be pleased !!!

- Kaye A.